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How does a day in your marketing career look like?

Hello! I am currently a junior in high school and I have a strong interest in the business field and marketing is one that I definitely have aspirations to major in when I get to college. I just wanted to know how your job in marketing looks like in a day and just provide me with information about marketing as a career and major as well!
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I am a young entrepreneur in High school as well, My day with marketing is mostly taking product pictures, messaging people, going LIVE so I can show the products in person. At the end of the day marketing is what you feel comfortable with and what is your goal with this company (building relationship, making income etc.), for an example... at first when starting my business I didn't enjoy going LIVE, now I try to at least go LIVE every week and I have seen that my sales have increased. I hope this helps! Lourdes J.

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6 answers

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Carrie’s Answer

As Abbie says, there are many different roles within the broader field of marketing.
Some of the major categories are:

- Consumer product marketing
- Business-to-business marketing
- Demand gen strategy (advertising, digital, lead nurturing, etc.)
- Writing, content creation and PR
- Messaging and positioning
- SEO, paid and organic social

And many more. Having done many of these things over the last 20+ years, I've settled into product marketing for a B-to-B technology product. My typical day includes attending meetings to learn about upcoming product enhancements, to help plan campaigns, and to assess the effectiveness of past campaigns. I work closely with my colleagues who specialize in areas like digital marketing, demand generation, and SEO, since those are not my specialties.

As a product marketer, it's my job to be the expert on my own product and competing solutions, and to understand our customers and prospects thoroughly. So I also spend time talking with customers about why they chose us and how they use the product, as well as doing competitive research - all of which guide how we talk about the benefits of our product. We need to understand how our product is different from the competition, and what our prospective customers care about and value. Because writing is one of my strengths, I also spend time writing blog posts, white papers, and customer case studies.

I hope that's helpful. Best of luck to you!

That was very helpful and thank you so much for your answer! Best of luck to you too! Lizbeth M.

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Rachel’s Answer

Hi Lizbeth,

As others have mentioned, there are many different areas of marketing but I am happy to share what a day-to-day is like in my role. I am on the social media team for a consumer food & beverage brand. I work with a team of creators to approve social media posts for our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok) and then report on how they perform so that we know what our audience is interested in seeing. I work with partners at each of those platforms to understand what is new or coming soon on their platforms and how my brand can take part in those new features, ad types, etc.

I do a lot of outreach and relationship management with social media influencers who promote our brand. This includes using a social media tool to find influencers that are a good fit to represent our brand, reaching out, sending them credit to try our brand, and then sharing the results with my team. I also work with an influencer agency that helps put media behind the influencer's posts so that we can choose who to reach through targetting and share our brand with more people.

This is a condensed explanation of my role but from a day-to-day standpoint, I am making sure that everything that is shared from our social media handles and our partners' handles is representing our brand in the most accurate and "on-brand" way.

That is really cool and sounds very interesting! Thank you so much for your answer! Lizbeth M.

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Jessica’s Answer

In my current role, I work as a Performance Management Operations Specialist for Cox Automotive. Basically, I help manage our clients', i.e. car dealerships, websites and search advertising.

In my department, we have two main roles - mine and one called Performance Managers. The Performance Managers talk on the phone with their clients and email me any changes they've recommended to the client or that the client has asked for on the website or in their advertising copy. I'll then hop onto their website and do things like swap out images or swap out content. If it's an advertising change, I'll update their ad copy for it to display on Google or Bing search engines.

To give you an idea of a different marketing position I had, this is what a typical day was like for me as Marketing Manager for a nanotechnology start-up, LocatorX. In this role, I managed their website, blog, and social media. To start off the day, I would check my email and respond back to anything needing immediate attention. I'd then check my calendar to see if I had any meetings that day to prepare for or work around. Then, I'd focus on tasks to complete that day or long-term projects I was working on - i.e. researching industry trends to get ideas for new blog posts or social media posts, creating or finalizing the content calendar, proof-reading blogs written by our copywriter, scheduling blogs to publish from our website on certain dates, scheduling social media posts across all our social platforms, etc.

There are many different paths a marketing career can take you. At any opportunity you get, I'd recommend shadowing people in different marketing fields! That'll help you get a feel for what you'd ultimately like to do in your career. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your answer Jessica! Lizbeth M.

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Abbie’s Answer

Marketing jobs are very diverse depending what it is specialized in. For example, social media, communications, data analytics, etc. My day to day job when I was a marketing specialist was calling different speakers to speak at women in leadership events. I then created a brochure with copy and photos that showcased the event. Lastly, I actually ran the event. I'd recommend to take a few classes that focus on different areas of marketing then specialize in one of those.

Awesome! Thank you so much for your answer Abbie! Lizbeth M.

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John’s Answer

While working in Air Force Talent Acquisitions I was responsible for marketing within my zone. Social Media is where most of my time was spent. The benefits of Facebooks, Google, and YouTube ads is the marketer gets statistics of view time, click through rate..etc.

Other marketing tactics like print (posters, billboards), are more difficult to judge their effectiveness because they don't provide feedback to marketer.

Most of my time was spent generating and finding content for our ads and managing that budget. Also you can get free advertising through the use of hashtags in your social media. I also got public service announcements recorded for the radio (which was free) and got some news coverage a few times too.

Networking in your community and attending chamber of commerce events can all be helpful. Marketing is all about getting your brand out there effectively.

Amazing! Thank you so much for your answer John! Lizbeth M.

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Allison’s Answer

I work within the B2B marketing org on the experiential marketing team. Our team works closely with the creative department, digital marketing team, brand teams, PR and more to create and execute events. We lead over 150 events within the company ranging from small VIP client events to large scale 3,000+ person consumer events with A-list talent performances.

That sounds very interesting! Thank you so much for your answer! Lizbeth M.