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Jaelyn Nov 07, 2023 530 views

How is this going to help me when i get older ?

Like how will it help me get where i want in life and i still dont know what i want to do and is that ok ? and say im 35 is it still ok if i font know what i want to do

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Lizbeth Feb 26, 2021 1373 views

How does a day in your marketing career look like?

Hello! I am currently a junior in high school and I have a strong interest in the business field and marketing is one that I definitely have aspirations to major in when I get to college. I just wanted to know how your job in marketing looks like in a day and just provide me with information...

Khadijah’s Avatar
Khadijah Oct 24, 2023 1560 views

What strategies and approaches have you found most effective in achieving long-term career growth and success in your field, and how have you balanced personal and professional development to attain your future goals?

In my experience, the key to long-term career growth and success has been a combination of continuous learning and building a strong professional network. Staying updated on industry trends and acquiring new skills through courses, workshops, or conferences has been essential. Additionally,...

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Conner Oct 09, 2023 492 views

What is the best mentality to be in if you want to start or manage a successful business. I have been wanting to be in this field for a while now. Is there a good way to get experience. If so where can I get it?

I am in 10th grade and I have been wondering about this for a while. I hope that a person in this field will give me very solid advice that will help me move forward consecutively in my future.