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valiliano’s Avatar
valiliano Feb 24 432 views

Is there any way of getting information of internships ?

Is it shown to be available? Or like can we get emails of any that is shown to be good benefits?

Lizbeth’s Avatar
Lizbeth Feb 26, 2021 1373 views

How does a day in your marketing career look like?

Hello! I am currently a junior in high school and I have a strong interest in the business field and marketing is one that I definitely have aspirations to major in when I get to college. I just wanted to know how your job in marketing looks like in a day and just provide me with information...

Arya’s Avatar
Arya Feb 25 745 views

As 11th grader,I can't seem to figure out what career path to choose even after trying so hard?

I'm in 11th right now with medical stream as my father wants me to become a doctor but i don't think i want to become doctor.