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Career Questions tagged Women

Nokwanda Puleng M.’s Avatar
Nokwanda Puleng M. Nokwanda Puleng M. Jul 02 45 views
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Italy S. Italy S. Jun 02 34 views

How many athletic trainers in the NFL are women?

I want to know if women are given a chance to work in a largely male profession. #women-in-stem #women #women-in-sports...

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Leenlei Therese L. Leenlei Therese L. Dec 16, 2020 200 views

How to use this?

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Ana A. Ana A. May 05, 2020 255 views

What are the best ways to react to sexist behavior towards you in and out of the workplace?

All women around the world get these passive-agressive or directly agressive treatments and behavior from other people, and very few times we end up feeling we reacted assertively. Due to this, it is very important to talk amongst us and share what have we said and done, and how did it work and...

#college #career #women #sexism #workingwomen

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Jordan R. Jordan R. Sep 06, 2019 303 views

What companies and organizations have the best track record for promoting women in engineering?

I’m a senior student at Brennan HS. I’m looking into engineering careers because I excel at math and science but have a creative streak that needs an outlet. #engineering #engineer #science #math #women #womenengineers...


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Ana R. Ana R. Mar 26, 2018 511 views

How could my salary, as an aspiring physician who is female and part of an under represented minority group, be affected in my future?

I have learned that in 2017 only about 34% of physicians were female. In addition to being female I am also a part of a minority group. I would like to know how these factors may play a role in determining my salary in my future career even though these facts have nothing to do with how I could...

#physician #minority #medicine #female #healthcare #women #hospital-and-healthcare #women-in-stem

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Amanda L. Amanda L. Oct 01, 2018 376 views

What are some sponsoring organizations for female MBA candidates who are U.S. citizens?

I am looking to partner with a company or companies who are willing to provide full or partial sponsorship for my MBA program. #mba #sponsorship #women...


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Amanda L. Amanda L. Oct 01, 2018 330 views

What are some scholarship opportunities for female MBA students who are U.S. citizens?

I will be starting my MBA program in February of 2019 and am beginning my research on scholarships for my program. #mba #scholarship...


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Donovan C. Donovan C. Jan 19, 2018 869 views

What is the biggest obstacle in today's culture for the students who are actively pursuing a degree in women's studies?

I just want to know what is the hardest part, or the biggest cultural roadblock for the students who are pursuing a degree in Women's Studies. #womens-studies #culture #today...


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Alexandra F. Alexandra F. Jul 29, 2018 1009 views

How is it being a female in a male-dominated career?

I am majoring in Computer Science and it is clear to me that there is a huge gender-gap. I am a bit worried about being over-looked because I will be a female in a male-dominated career. Any tips on how to stand-out and how to not let the gender-gap affect you? Thank you so much for your...

#career #women #stem #technology #expertise

Emma V.’s Avatar
Emma V. Emma V. Apr 26, 2018 397 views

Why is the Film Industry primarily dominated by male directors and is it difficult for women to succeed in this field?

As an aspiring female filmmaker, I have often asked myself why I only saw male directors on stage accepting their Academy Awards. Why are there few well-known female directors? Is there a low number of women filmmakers or are the talented ones not being recognized? How can I, a passionate and...

#film-production #equality #women-in-film #film #media #women #gender #discrimination

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Karisma B. Karisma B. May 11, 2018 582 views

How are we supposed to build credit, without a credit score ?

Our responsibility as soon as we turn eighteen is to be independent and self sufficient. However, we’re never taught the right tools to know how to even get an apartment. How am I supposed to build my credit score, if no one trusts me enough to even begin? #credit #creditscore #women...


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Victoria G. Victoria G. Apr 17, 2018 796 views

What are the greatest challenges of women in accounting?

I have taken interest to major in accounting. I hear many things on how women are discriminated against in certain career fields and majors. For example, not many engineers are women, or doctors should be men. Both of which statements that I disagree with. That leads me to ask about how are...

#accountant #women-in-business #challenges #accounting #women-in-accounting #women #business

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Giselle V. Giselle V. Jan 24, 2018 413 views

What’s a great startup to work in the film industry?

I want a little advice in starting my career In the film industry as a women, more so a director! Any recommendations or tips? #advice #film #filming #filmindustry #women...


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Reginald T. Reginald T. Jan 17, 2018 489 views

Can the life of an occupational Therapist, be as daunting as an OB/GYN?

I wanted compare and contrast actual happiness and satisfaction, to a rewarding profession that pays well, but has many different stressors. #medicine #women #gynecology #career #hospital...


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Erica A. Erica A. Jan 15, 2018 367 views

Are careers in education policy hard to come by?

I was recently accepted to an online Master in Education program in Education Policy and Leadership, but I am concerned that it might be hard to find a specific role in my field without having to deviate much or sort of "invent" something. #education #education-policy #nontraditionalstudent...

#latino-students #graduate-school #black-students #women

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Melissa A. Melissa A. Feb 16, 2017 759 views
Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Melissa A. Feb 16, 2017 602 views

How do you use a Homeland Security degree in searching for a career?

I am actually still in school for about three more weeks and I am finishing my thesis on Cybercrime. My experience is in Sociology and the Legal field. I am self-motivated and a hard-worker who learns pretty fast. I am anxious to get a career, but I am 41 years old and have been out of work...

#homeland-security #cyber-crime #federal-government #government #social-networking #counter-terrorism #human-rights #women

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Kimia M. Kimia M. Nov 01, 2016 680 views

To what extent does being a woman interested in a STEM field benefit or disadvantage me in terms of college admissions and later career opportunities?

I am asking this question because I am interested in entering a STEM field. I am currently undecided on the major I want to go into in college, though I know that it will be in a STEM field. I want to be aware of the opportunities that will come along with my choices to go into a STEM field,...

#engineering #college-admissions #stem #admissions #science #career #women #college

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Hannah W. Hannah W. Oct 27, 2016 667 views

How do you think we can encourage more women to pursue a career in STEM fields?

As a young lady myself, I am saddened by the lack of interest in STEM that I see in my female peers. As children, an equal amount of men and women are interested in STEM fields, but as we grow up, girls seem to view STEM as a more masculine field and begin to distance themselves from it. I...

#women #young-adults #stem #women-in-stem #women-in-tech