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Is it hard for a women to go to the army and come from the army and start her own doctor office ?

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2 answers

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Cynthia’s Answer

The US Military is a great place to get help with an education and practice Medicine. I would recommend researching each branch, not just the Army. I have a doctor friend who finished his internship (as a brain surgeon) in the Navy. The Navy was able to help him financially and he committed 6 years to serve. There are similar programs in the Airforce, Army, Navy & Marines.
As for moving to private practice afterwards, heath care in America is changing radically with most doctor's offices being part of larger networks that are often attached to specific hospitals. My thoughts is that once you get your medical degree and do time in the military, there will be numerous options to transition. Also, the military provides transition services to people who are leaving the service.
I personally didn't serve in the military, although my parents and siblings have. My dad went to college on a scholarship with the Airforce and then served for 28 years. After he retired from the Airforce, he taught elementary school for another 20 years.
Good luck on your adventure!

Cynthia recommends the following next steps:

Look into different military branches to get information on their medical programs
If you aren't in college yet, research out what it takes to get a medical degree
If you are in college, look into MCAT preparatory classes to help you get into a great medical school.

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Eunice’s Answer

You might face some difficulties but it is not too hard for you. You can do it. What do you mean start the doctor's office? Do you want to be the Medical Provider and have a practice? Do want to be the office manager?

Eunice recommends the following next steps:

Research the area of medicine you are interested in
Keep in mind, if you go to college after the army, you will be in school for at least 8 years for your specialty

i want my own doctor office so that help young teenager girls . @ Eunice Gillion tytiania S.