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Career Questions tagged Filmindustry

Teriyana M.’s Avatar
Teriyana M. Jan 01 79 views

I plan on writing my first screeplay in 2022. However, I'm not sure whether to write a tv or movie script for my first screenplay?

I have many ideas that could be either a tv script or a movie script. However, just curious, what does the entertainment/film industry value more? TV or Movie Screenplays? I am struggling on my decision. I plan to use the script to submit to writing competitions and apply to grad film school....

writing tvscript moviescript college acting writer movie tv film entertainment filmindustry screenplay teleplay script

Giselle V.’s Avatar
Giselle V. Jan 24, 2018 473 views

What’s a great startup to work in the film industry?

I want a little advice in starting my career In the film industry as a women, more so a director! Any recommendations or tips? advice film filming filmindustry women...


Giselle V.’s Avatar
Giselle V. Jan 24, 2018 403 views

If any, it’s there a difference between a male and female director?

I am very interested in the film industry to become a director as a female, and I was wondering if there’s any vast or different treatments between the 2 for example pay, respect, education, succes, creativity. male female # femaledirectors film filmindustry...