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Career Questions tagged Screenplay

Teriyana M.’s Avatar
Teriyana M. Jan 01 79 views

I plan on writing my first screeplay in 2022. However, I'm not sure whether to write a tv or movie script for my first screenplay?

I have many ideas that could be either a tv script or a movie script. However, just curious, what does the entertainment/film industry value more? TV or Movie Screenplays? I am struggling on my decision. I plan to use the script to submit to writing competitions and apply to grad film school....

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Hot C.’s Avatar
Hot C. Sep 02, 2015 843 views

What Californian colleges are the best fit to give Majors on Cinematography and Film design?

I aspire to study and eventually become a screenwriter/producer/ and cinematographer later in life. I find it best to find a wide range of cinematic horizons before I enter college and declare, or at least decide on a solid major. film cinematography screenwriting...


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Marbella J. Mar 17, 2015 876 views
Makayla B.’s Avatar
Makayla B. Feb 26, 2015 743 views

What are the best film schools?

I am going to school form film and I really want to know which film school is the best to go to for screenplay and script writing. film screenwriting...


Tyler D.’s Avatar
Tyler D. Jan 20, 2015 1048 views

Can i pursue two careers?

All of my life i have been extremely passionate about movies. Ever since i was little i would always talk about them. Usually little kids would talk about sports or little kid stuff, i would always talk about stanley Kubrick, or Spielberg. I have always been very mature for my age. My dream...

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