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Career Questions tagged Creativewriting

Sarina W.’s Avatar
Sarina W. Aug 07, 2018 501 views

What's a good major to pursue if you have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies and you enjoy subjects involving English/Writing?

By 18, if I work hard enough, I should have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies, though now I'm wondering if I still want to pursue a career focused entirely on health. I've always struggled with math, which as I've found is quite involved in this field, making me reconsider my...

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Diana M.’s Avatar
Diana M. May 31, 2018 538 views

How hard is it *really* to publish a book?

While I want to be a copyeditor as my *day* job, I've written several novels I would love to publish sometime down the road (after much revision...). Every time I speak about this with someone, though, their immediate answer seems to be, "Ha! Good luck." My questions is... is it really that...

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