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Career Questions tagged Journalist

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Jessica M. May 24 111 views

How did you seek interest in becoming a Journalist?

I am doing a career blog project and trying to get insight on how you seek interest in Journalism. journalist...


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Jessica M. May 24 175 views

As a Journalist, how would you handle a hostile or uncooperative interviewee?

I am doing a career bog project and trying to get insight on how do Journalists handle hostile or uncooperative interviewees. journalism...


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Jessica M. May 24 335 views

As a Journalist, how do you ensure your work is accurate and factual?

I am doing a career blog project and is interested in getting an insight into how you know your work is accurate and factual journalist...


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Jessica M. May 24 124 views

As a Journalist, how would you manage the stress of tight deadlines?

I am doing a career blog project and trying to get insight into how journalists manage their stress with tight deadlines. journalist...


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Jessica M. May 24 130 views

What is a typical day as a journalist?

I am doing this career blog project and I need some insight into what's it like on a day to day basis as a journalist journalism...


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Dejah J. Mar 16 239 views

What should I study in college in order to become a journalist?

I'm a 9th grader interested in becoming a news journalist. I wanted to know what college courses I should take in order to pursue this career. journalism journalist...


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Emma B. Feb 20, 2019 342 views

What should I research on journalisim?

I want to know what type of books I should look for. I'm in 4th grade and doing a career project. And the career I am focused on is a Journalist. I don't know what to research and I need some ideas or suggestions for types of books I should get/ read. Make it appropriate for a 10 year old....

journalism author writing reporting journalist books reading english

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Matthew G. Jan 10, 2018 398 views

How much can somebody make being a sports journalist?

I ask because I'm interested in sports and it is something I'm interested in pursuing. Sports journalism journalist...


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Vivi A. Mar 25, 2017 530 views

What skills are required to be a journalist on Bloomberg?

Its because I want to know more about the career I have chosen....


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Emily L. Feb 17, 2017 671 views

What is the most exciting part of being a journalist?

I want to be a journalist....


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Emily L. Feb 10, 2017 364 views

What is the biggest struggle in the journalism career?

I'd like to be a journalist...


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Emily L. Feb 10, 2017 348 views

What is the pay like for a starting journalist?

I would like to know my pay right after college,...


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Emily L. Feb 10, 2017 403 views
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Fridah M. Jan 10, 2017 489 views

Can i get someone to sponser my education?

Am a student at multimedia university of Kenya studying journalism but anable to proceed due to lack of finances. I am from a humble background but ready and willing to study to change my family and my future. scholarships journalist donours sponsers well...


Kayla J.’s Avatar
Kayla J. Aug 16, 2016 1979 views

Would it be better for me to major in Journalism or Mass Communications?

I am asking this question because ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a magazine editor; however, lately i have been thinking about pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. Also many people who do end up majoring in Journalism have difficulties finding a job, so would...

editing journalism reporter editor magazine journalist

Lauren D.’s Avatar
Lauren D. Aug 16, 2016 613 views

What is it like to cover a major sporting event outside the US, like the Olympics or Copa Mundial?

I'm a Senior in high school and am interested in pursuing a career in Journalism. I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I hope to attend college out of state, possibly in Chicago. While I'm not planning on having a career in Sports Journalism, I'm open to writing and reporting on...

reporter journalism writers journalist

Kruthi P.’s Avatar
Kruthi P. May 21, 2016 761 views

whats the criteria for becoming a journalist ?

i want to become a journalist .i am actually confused to take up which course.. journalist expert...


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Luke N. Oct 14, 2015 740 views

What is it like being in media communications as a career?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am looking at potential careers for my future. Media communications is one that caught my eye and I want to find out more about it from a good source. Media communications seems like it would be an interesting career. Some questions I would like to ask are...

editor journalist broadcaster

Kamilah S.’s Avatar
Kamilah S. Sep 02, 2015 1086 views

What are some great colleges for Journalism in northen California

Hi! I'm a senior interested in journalism and communications and I'm getting ready to apply for colleges. I was wondering what colleges in California were great for a journalism major. I was considering USC, however, I want to know more about colleges in northern California. Thanks! college...

creative-writing journalist

Christopher  V.’s Avatar
Christopher V. Mar 23, 2015 959 views

How to become a successful writer?

In want to learn how to become a successful and noticeable writer. Also, knowing what could give me of a better chance to getting published. author journalist fiction fiction-writing novel-writer...


Jazzmin P.’s Avatar
Jazzmin P. Mar 17, 2015 2946 views

Can I still become a journalist or work in that field, even if I study history in college?

I am a high school senior who wants to study history in college. I have been debating what career I might see myself in after college, and something with writing or journalism is one of them. journalism...


Garrett  O.’s Avatar
Garrett O. Dec 01, 2014 984 views

Starting in high school, what is the first or the most important step in becoming a writer/author?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School (BCCS) in Boston, MA. I have a passion for writing and have written short stories and poems effortlessly since the sixth grade. I have seen my writing skills grow tremendously over my years at BCCS. Since freshman year, in addition to writing...

writer journalism author genre journalist novels