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Career Questions tagged Reporting

Jinan ..’s Avatar
Jinan .. Nov 13, 2021 95 views

How can you choose what type of journalism you would like to qualify in?

Hi, I'm Jinan and I want to be a journalist however, I don't exactly understand how you can end up in the type of journalism you would like to qualify in. I would like to become a field journalist and report not only breaking news, but cultural and religious stories and ideas. journalism...

media reporter reporting news

Ethan C.’s Avatar
Ethan C. Jul 26, 2020 502 views

Is it better to study journalism/communications or Academic subjects to become a Journalist?

So basically, the dilemma here is that I have recently decided to try to become a journalist, and I was wondering if it would be better to do an academic university degree (e.g. international relations, politics etc.) to build a broad foundation of knowledge and then transition to journalism,...

career academicvsvocational july20 reporting communications politics internationalrelations journalism

Emma B.’s Avatar
Emma B. Feb 20, 2019 369 views

What should I research on journalisim?

I want to know what type of books I should look for. I'm in 4th grade and doing a career project. And the career I am focused on is a Journalist. I don't know what to research and I need some ideas or suggestions for types of books I should get/ read. Make it appropriate for a 10 year old....

english writing journalist author books reading reporting journalism