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Ana A. May 05, 2020 212 views

What are the best ways to react to sexist behavior towards you in and out of the workplace?

All women around the world get these passive-agressive or directly agressive treatments and behavior from other people, and very few times we end up feeling we reacted assertively. Due to this, it is very important to talk amongst us and share what have we said and done, and how did it work and...

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Aliyah A. Mar 12, 2018 294 views

How can a woman become a pilot in such a male dominated field?

I’ve always loved planes, they’re never scared me, in fact, I’ve always felt safe in them somehow. I want to be a pilot, but knowing that the chances of them choosing a man surpasses the chance of a woman being chosen is frightening. I mean, how many times have you boarded a plane and heard a...

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Fathima M. Jan 17, 2018 311 views

What should I expect when it comes to sexism and racism in the STEM field, because I know it's quite pervasive in the US?

I'm South Asian, muslim, and a woman, and so far I've not experienced a lot of sexist or racist treatment, but I expect I'll run into it eventually. Is there any ideology I should keep in mind, or any resources I should look into? #racism #sexism #biology #biotechnology...


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Emily T. Oct 28, 2016 540 views

As a woman hoping to enter the field of neuroscience, what are the best ways to combat the idea that cutting-edge STEM fields are better suited to men?

As a future psychologist, neuroscientist, and/or neurobiology researcher, I am concerned about the male-centric views surrounding STEM fields. As a feminist, though, I won't let this deter me. I am only wondering how other women studying and/or working in STEM, especially in psychology or...

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Alexandra C. Oct 12, 2016 1068 views

For female professionals: Have you even encountered any obstacles obtaining leadership positions because of your gender, and if so, how did you handle those challenges?

I've always had slight concerns about being a woman pursuing a historically male-dominated field (in my case, psychology research/professorship), and I was curious what have been the experiences of women in leadership positions. Was it difficult getting where you are because of your gender? Are...

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Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016 788 views