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Career Questions tagged Challenges

Aniyah B.’s Avatar
Aniyah B. Jul 09, 2020 178 views

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had while trying to peruse being a physical therapist ?

I’m going to college and I want to pick being a physical therapist as my major but from the videos I’ve watched they don’t tell much about there struggles. #choosing-a-major #challenges...


Damien C.’s Avatar
Damien C. Apr 20, 2018 348 views

What are common mistakes, in college, that are easy to avoid?

We all roughly face the same #obstacles and #challenges during our college education. However, it can be quite difficult sometimes to face them without any #advices. Learning from others' past #mistakes can be a positive way to avoid those mistakes and to focus more on the education aspect than...

#college #college-life #student-life #guidance #tricks

Shaylee W.’s Avatar
Shaylee W. Jul 23, 2018 286 views

what are some struggles you have in collage.

Hi my name is Shaylee, I want to know when i do enter collage what kind of challenges might come my way. #collage #struggles #challenges #wondering...


Lucianna A.’s Avatar
Lucianna A. Jan 16, 2018 321 views

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced as a vocal performance major and how did you overcome it?

I am going to major in vocal performance in college after I graduate. There are many perceived challenges of the field but I want to know what problems arise. I would like to be better prepared. #vocalperformance #voice #opera #challenges #music...


Victoria G.’s Avatar
Victoria G. Apr 17, 2018 833 views

What are the greatest challenges of women in accounting?

I have taken interest to major in accounting. I hear many things on how women are discriminated against in certain career fields and majors. For example, not many engineers are women, or doctors should be men. Both of which statements that I disagree with. That leads me to ask about how are...

#accountant #challenges #women-in-business #women-in-accounting #business #women #accounting

Ashley A.’s Avatar
Ashley A. Jan 24, 2018 304 views

What are the major challenges engineering majors encounter in life (e.g. finding jobs) after graduating college?

I am majoring in civil engineering and would like to know what to expect after completing my degree. I plan to prepare for possible problems in the future. #engineering #civil-engineering...


Patrick K.’s Avatar
Patrick K. Dec 29, 2016 802 views

What was your first job in the game development industry? Please share your experiences--the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it--with me.

Hello. I am an aspiring Game Designer/Developer who's attending college to get my Bachelor's Degree. I was just wondering to all the veterans and professionals in the Game Development world, what was your first job title working in the industry? Did you like it? Was it memorable? What game...

#challenges #video-game-design #game-development #game-design #professional-development #computer-games #video-games #successes