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What are common mistakes, in college, that are easy to avoid?

We all roughly face the same #obstacles and #challenges during our college education. However, it can be quite difficult sometimes to face them without any #advices. Learning from others' past #mistakes can be a positive way to avoid those mistakes and to focus more on the education aspect than on solving not-so-easy issues. Besides, if you can get #tricks for past students, it can be enriching because it will make you have better grades while enjoying your student life even more. #college #college-life #student-life #guidance

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3 answers

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Ashley’s Answer

Hey, Damien!

One mistake I learned to avoid was stressing over the little things. College is a time for you to grow and you're not going to know everything. You have to be able to take a step back see what you can do and find help if you need it. Another was staying in a field you have no interest in and not being involved in clubs and activities that do interest you. Join the classes you like and the clubs that make you happy and make connections through those. Take advantage of every opportunity that will get you one step closer to your dream life. College is only as successful as you make it.

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Julia’s Answer

A common mistake was becoming comfortable with skipping classes. It sounds simple and easy to attend to each class, but after time you realize nobody is monitoring your whereabouts and that you can skip classes without immediate consequence which is not the case in high school. If I could do things over, I'd be sure to make each and every class I'd signed up for and not form a bad habit to begin with!

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Estelle’s Answer

Procrastintion! One of the biggest problems is putting things off thinking you can take care of the assignment later ten cramming the work into too short a slot. If you stay on top of studying and get assignments prepared early, then you can relax and exercise or hang out with friends knowing that you took care of business first. This may sound really obvious, but it is very tricky to practice.
Good luck!