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What are the major challenges engineering majors encounter in life (e.g. finding jobs) after graduating college?

I am majoring in civil engineering and would like to know what to expect after completing my degree. I plan to prepare for possible problems in the future. #engineering #civil-engineering #challenges

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2 answers

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DAVID’s Answer

what do employers look for that makes you STAND OUT
1. take the state EIT exam as soon as possible before graduation
2. join local civil engineering membership society...attend monthly lunch seminars
3. learn AutoCADD..buy software..cheap for students..BIG PLUS
4. many consulting firms hire students as summer intern help..gets your foot in the door
5. google local state design rules and regulations..be familiar
6. take a good diversity in engineering courses
there are many consulting firms in every major city..look them up...be prepared to move
good luck..I have been a civil engineer for 40 years and still love the profession
your goal is to earn your PE..

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Sally’s Answer

The first thing to do, if you have not already done so, is to become a member of the relevant engineering institute. There are many depending on which engineering industry you commit to. This membership is essential on your CV.
Depending on what area you come to focus on (depending on what your future employer does), AutoCAD and/or MicroDrainage or similar engineering software courses/training will prove useful at CV stage because it will put you one step above other candidates that do not possess that training. You may be given the opportunity to learn these softwares once employed and do them for free, but at least one relevant software training, will be useful on your CV, prior to application. It also shows continued commitment to your profession, whilst you are applying for work.