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Ashley A. May 25, 2018 299 views

What professional organizations are best to join for civil and environmental engineers?

I am currently and undergraduate student in Civil Engineering and would specialize in Environmental Engineering as a graduate student. #networking, #organizations, #civil-engineers, #environmental-engineers, #professional-organizations,...


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Ashley A. Jan 24, 2018 291 views

What are the major challenges engineering majors encounter in life (e.g. finding jobs) after graduating college?

I am majoring in civil engineering and would like to know what to expect after completing my degree. I plan to prepare for possible problems in the future. #engineering #civil-engineering...


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Ashley A. Jan 24, 2018 379 views

Which engineering career is best for someone with a bachelors in civil engineering that would make the most impact on improving environmental conditions?

I am asking because I have been passionate about solving the environmental problems around the world since I was in elementary school, and I am currently majoring in civil engineering because environmental engineering is under the civil engineering branch. Although I can just major in...

#bachelors-degree #civil-engineering #engineering #environmental-engineering