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Gabriela L.’s Avatar
Gabriela L. Jan 15, 2018 240 views

What specific careers can someone who majors in International Studies and Global Relations look forward to after they graduate?

After graduating what jobs will be open for people who major in this degree? Will the jobs be limited towards one specific field? Can one use it towards becoming an FBI agent? #fbi-agent...


Kassandra G.’s Avatar
Kassandra G. Oct 10 58 views

Can I major in Architecture and minor in Environmental Science? Do they relate to each other?

I like to study history and i like to learn about nature and ways that it has evolved. #research...


Linda R.’s Avatar
Linda R. May 11, 2016 652 views

What classes should i take if i want to become a pediatrician?

what should i major in? what school is a good choice for pediatrics? #pediatrician #college #hospital-and-health-care #career...


Gerardo G.’s Avatar
Gerardo G. May 24, 2016 475 views

As a future Civil Engineer, what area should civil engineers pay greater attention to, aesthetics or functionality? why?

As I prepare to transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio and get ready to finally begin taking classes with regard to my major, I wonder if aesthetics is as important as functionality is on a project. Since Civil Engineering deals with the design and maintenance of the naturally built...

#civil-engineering #college #aesthetics #engineering #functionality

Linda R.’s Avatar
Linda R. May 11, 2016 23325 views
Sayd C.’s Avatar
Sayd C. Jun 22, 2019 300 views

What courses should I take or what should I study in college to become a youtuber

Like editing how to transfer videos from a camera to a pc...


Naomi Z.’s Avatar
Naomi Z. Aug 28, 2018 160 views

Is it better to study out of your hometown or disregard that option?

I am still debating whether to apply for universities out of my hometown or to stay at my local college. I will study nursing but Im not sure at what nursing program I should apply to. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would inform me on this topic. #college-major...


Ashley A.’s Avatar
Ashley A. May 25, 2018 234 views

What professional organizations are best to join for civil and environmental engineers?

I am currently and undergraduate student in Civil Engineering and would specialize in Environmental Engineering as a graduate student. #networking, #organizations, #civil-engineers, #environmental-engineers, #professional-organizations,...


Andrea G.’s Avatar
Andrea G. Jan 23, 2019 145 views

What are the pros of being an artist

Art is about having self-confidence. Art can take a while ,but when you are finished you will be happy for what you have created. If you put it in museum , you never know maybe you made the day of whoever looks at it, and that makes you...

Naomi Z.’s Avatar
Naomi Z. Aug 28, 2018 185 views

How do I get my four years at my local college paid for?

I am still confused in how students get their whole 4 years paid for. I know you need to have good grades and everything but what is that one quality that a university might choose you for this opportunity? #tuition...


Mary B.’s Avatar
Mary B. Oct 10, 2018 215 views

What will I be expecting if I go into Vet Tech at the University of Kingsville?

Also, is it possible to earn a medicine degree for Vet in Kingsville? or what is the process? #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #medicine...


Mary B.’s Avatar
Mary B. Oct 10, 2018 200 views

What's the difference in being a Vet Tech and holding a medicine degree in Vet?

I'm not sure how long both would be for. Apparently to have a degree in medicine for animals in TAMUK is four years, but in TAMU is to get a Ph.D. I'm not entirely sure of the depths of Veterinary degrees in different colleges but I'd like to be informed. #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian...

#medicine #veterinary

Ashley A.’s Avatar
Ashley A. Jan 24, 2018 320 views

Which engineering career is best for someone with a bachelors in civil engineering that would make the most impact on improving environmental conditions?

I am asking because I have been passionate about solving the environmental problems around the world since I was in elementary school, and I am currently majoring in civil engineering because environmental engineering is under the civil engineering branch. Although I can just major in...

#bachelors-degree #engineering #civil-engineering #environmental-engineering

Ashley A.’s Avatar
Ashley A. May 25, 2018 351 views
Ashley A.’s Avatar
Ashley A. Jan 24, 2018 257 views

What are the major challenges engineering majors encounter in life (e.g. finding jobs) after graduating college?

I am majoring in civil engineering and would like to know what to expect after completing my degree. I plan to prepare for possible problems in the future. #engineering #civil-engineering...


Gabriela L.’s Avatar
Gabriela L. Jan 15, 2018 227 views

Are there any Internships in the Federal Bureau of Investigation for students entering college?

As someone who is interested in working in the FBI after finishing college I wanted to know if there were any internships in the FBI for undergraduate students? #fbi...


Gerardo G.’s Avatar
Gerardo G. May 24, 2016 384 views

Under what circumstances should a civil engineer use bridge bearings? Why are they so indispensable?

This might be one of the most intriguing questions that I have ever had about my career. Every day I pass by enormous bridges and I can't think but visualize how bridges can withstand great amounts of forces. Essentially, a bridge bearing is a component of a bridge that provides a resting...

#civil-engineering #bridge #college #engineer #engineering

Maria M.’s Avatar
Maria M. Oct 27, 2016 409 views

What did you have to go through to stay focus on your dream and accomplishing it ?

Im someone that knows exactly what i want and i am whiling to work hard for it, even though it can be hard to stay focus with all the negativity around me. #cosmetology...


Mireya V.’s Avatar
Mireya V. Oct 19, 2016 334 views

Even if i had family that had problems with the government can i be a border patrol?

I am asking this because i'm worried about it because i don't know if the problem they had can influence me....


Mireya V.’s Avatar
Mireya V. Oct 19, 2016 961 views

Becoming a Border Patrol Agent is hard?

i want to become one and i would like to have some feedback....


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