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Laredo, Texas
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I want to research alternative energy and design solutions!! I also wish to improve STEM opportunities in my area!!



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Karla Sep 08, 2023 470 views

What major for interests in sustainable/alternative/nuclear power engineering/generation, sustainable urban planning, architecture, research, material science, civil infrastructure...?

Hello! I am a high school senior trying to apply to colleges and figure out my major, but I feel very indecisive. I'd like to have opportunities to research and develop new technologies and alternative energies!! Maybe even in a nuclear plant!? And also solutions to dealing with nuclear waste...

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Karla Jun 09, 2023 304 views

What to do as an aspiring engineer with no experience or knowledge????

Hello. I am a 17-year-old in Laredo, and I hope to major in a branch of engineering in the future. Despite not having experience, would it be best to seek out internships to gain experience? If so, what are my options in Laredo or online? I've tried looking but I'm struggling with it as most...