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What major for interests in sustainable/alternative/nuclear power engineering/generation, sustainable urban planning, architecture, research, material science, civil infrastructure...?

Hello! I am a high school senior trying to apply to colleges and figure out my major, but I feel very indecisive. I'd like to have opportunities to research and develop new technologies and alternative energies!! Maybe even in a nuclear plant!? And also solutions to dealing with nuclear waste and stuff like that. I want to design efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to energy problems. As well as implementing electrical power systems in the world as well. And of course, chemistry is super interesting I've also been creative my whole life, and growing up in a plain city, I really love looking at and, on rare occasions, visiting places with interesting, beautiful, and tall buildings, as well as appreciating inviting designs that promote sustainability and walkability and I would love to contribute to a more beautiful world in this way as well. So maybe architecture/architectural engineering would be good for me? I also am really excited about civil engineering labs (I hear you get to build stuff? Cool!!) I also have an interest in getting into the nitty-gritty of situations and hashing out the details as well as the big picture. On an unrelated note, I've also had an interest in videogame design + programming, graphic design, and animation my whole life. Are there any good colleges with clubs like this where I can grow my skills in these areas, but still focus on engineering and do well? Is there any other factors I should consider when picking a major? Or anything else I could look into to get to know myself a bit more and see what I really prefer? Any options to somehow do everything I just listed?? Also I am learning about hydraulic engineering and I really like the sound of it a LOT but AHHHH there's so much and ofc transportation but mostly you already know the rest of the stuff I wrote.. I know most of this points to maybe like Civil Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering and a concentration in Structural engineering,, but I really am going to be sad forever that I won't be a physicist or a energy engineer or a researcher or a hydraulic engineer or a nuclear engineer... Maybe I could do architecture in the future but yeah 😭😭 Also I really wanted to do physics for a while could I start my education all over again when I'm older and have a career and do research

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