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Rainer R. Apr 17 134 views

Is it possible to be a good mechatronics engineer?

I am thinking if it is possible to be well versed in Computer Science, Electrical and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering and are there job roles involving all of these? #engineering #engineer #computer #electrical-engineering #mechanical...


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Otoniel G. Mar 13 112 views

What college degree you need to be a mechanic ?

My name is Otoniel i want to go to HCC college . I want to be a mechanic. How long it takes to study this career. #mechanics...


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justin H. Mar 06 74 views

How much time off do mechanics get?

Interested in mechanics #mechanics #cars...


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genevieve F. Mar 06 69 views
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justin H. Mar 06 43 views

Why did you choose to be a mechanic

Im gonna be a mechanic because i love cars....


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RD M. Feb 24 66 views
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George J. Feb 24 65 views

where can i continue getting more skill about mechanic?

where can learn more about my skill and abilities #mechanic #automative...


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George J. Feb 24 56 views

what is difficult with being and auto mechanic?

#mechanics #mechanics what do you like about ? because it gave me more...

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Melton H. Jan 27 80 views

what is it like being a diesel mechanic?

looking to become a diesel mechanic but have no prior experience. interested in the automotive field. #engineering #mechanical...


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Dearson K. Jan 13 61 views

What are the advantages of being an auto mechanic professional?

I am an eager beaver whose ready to learn....


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Andrew N. Jan 10 80 views

What do you like about being an auto mechanic?

I am interested in a career as an auto mechanic....


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Vincent B. Oct 05, 2019 74 views

What better Airplane mechanic or car mechanic

I love cars and airplanes only if i can do both i will but i don't know how pick . Please give some ideas What better for the economy...


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Daylan S. Sep 23, 2019 80 views
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Kennedy L. Sep 23, 2019 101 views

What do you like about your job?

I am currently in the Jobcorps program and that I am interested in the automotive trade. I want to be a mechanic engineer #mechanical #engineer #mechanics...


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clinton J. Aug 29, 2019 63 views

whats the most difficult thing about being an mechanic

#mechanics I'm 20 from Stockton California I want to be a mechanic and give back to my family I'm here trying to be a better...

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Ian C. Aug 21, 2019 80 views

Do you enjoy Auto-Mechanics?

#auto mechanics...


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adam J. Aug 16, 2019 100 views

How can I become a mechanic at a dealership in El Paso, TX?

#mechanics #engineering #texas #mechanic #engineer #career "Specifically, I want to be a mechanic at VIVA dodge in El Paso TX" (Admin Note: Original question posted above here in the...

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Monique P. Aug 14, 2019 99 views

What is a typical like in your job?

I want to become a mechanic. I need to take basic auto and then advance so I can do Diesel Mechanics. #mechanic...


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Issac R. Aug 06, 2019 123 views
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Jared H. Jul 22, 2019 71 views

How long till you have to re-new your certification?

My name is jared hernandez and i am intested in auto mechanic's ....