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Career Questions tagged Sustainable Design

Kathy M.’s Avatar
Kathy M. May 30, 2016 787 views

Degree in biology... art/environment/science?

Hello, I graduated last year with a degree in biology in Florida... I've been pre-dental since 2010. I applied last cycle with a GPA of 3.4 and a DAT score of 17. I'm aware my DAT score isn't the best, and considering how competitive the dental career is becoming, I don't expect that to be...

advisor conservation-biology science environmental career-change sustainable-design sustainability

Nikki S.’s Avatar
Nikki S. May 13, 2016 642 views

Is it hard to own your own architecture firm? And what are tips and things you have to do to do it?

One of my biggest dreams, though kind of daunting, is to have my own architecture business. It seems like a hard task to accomplish, and I would like to know any helpful tips that could help. architecture architect architectural-design...