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grace B.’s Avatar
grace B. grace B. Dec 17, 2020 534 views

I'm a marketing major in my 3rd year - but I loved my accounting class! How do I know which to major in?

I am currently a third year student in marketing. I switched to marketing at the beginning of my third year, so the business classes were knew to me. I will be graduating late. I took accounting 1 this fall and I absolutely loved it - which is weird for me to say. I didn't know anything about...

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Maria E.’s Avatar
Maria E. Maria E. Nov 23, 2020 115 views

How are people in the medical field treated in the military?

I was thinking to be a military physical therapist because they help pay off your student debt and I know that's is something all PTs hate about their job. #pre-med #graduate #savings...


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Tyra D. Tyra D. May 18, 2016 397 views
Kathy M.’s Avatar
Kathy M. Kathy M. May 30, 2016 731 views

Degree in biology... art/environment/science?

Hello, I graduated last year with a degree in biology in Florida... I've been pre-dental since 2010. I applied last cycle with a GPA of 3.4 and a DAT score of 17. I'm aware my DAT score isn't the best, and considering how competitive the dental career is becoming, I don't expect that to be...

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Wendy R.’s Avatar
Wendy R. Wendy R. May 26, 2016 425 views

Let's say I want to become an environmental engineer and the required degree is a bachelor. Should I go to prestigious school to obtain my bachelors or no?

I am asking this question because I need to know this type of information in order to be successful in college. And it is information needed to be more marketable in the job market. #college #counselor #bachelor #advisor...


Chantel L.’s Avatar
Chantel L. Chantel L. May 20, 2016 677 views

How does your college choice affect the pay rate in your career field?

I am enrolling at the University of Georgia for Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering in the fall. I am asking to get more insight on whether attending graduate school at a more prestigious university is a waste of time and money. #business #engineer...


Terrie B.’s Avatar
Terrie B. Terrie B. May 20, 2016 712 views

Carrer Choices

I am thinking of pursuing a degree in finance but don't know if I should. The business world is very competitive and I'm not sure if I am cut out for the environment and hustle. I am thinking I want a career as a Personal Financial Advisor, if anyone in the career or something similar to the...

#finance #advisor

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Savannah S. Savannah S. May 19, 2016 631 views

Is it a bad thing to switch your major?

I hear people saying how they changed their major in college. Some people make fun of them for not knowing what they want and wasting time and money. Is it a bad thing to change your major? Or should you just bite the bullet so to speak?...


Tyra D.’s Avatar
Tyra D. Tyra D. May 18, 2016 514 views

In terms of selecting a minor, which would be most helpful for someone entering the medical field?

I plan to enter the medical field following college and graduate school as I'd like to be an anesthesiologist, dermatologist or dentist. I feel secure in my selected major, but I'm not set on a minor yet and I'd like some feedback on what would help me the most while still allowing me to feel...

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Scarlett T.’s Avatar
Scarlett T. Scarlett T. Apr 24, 2015 875 views

new degree

I am 3rd year chemical engineering senior and I feel like I know nothing absolutely nothing! I hate this major.. is it waste of time if I started civil engineering from 0 which means 5 another year from now ? I am 20 years old and I feel passionate about this major #doctor #engineer...

#civil #chemical #professional #advisor

Scarlett T.’s Avatar
Scarlett T. Scarlett T. Nov 11, 2014 6357 views

I chose a wrong major. I need a help. I am lost.

I am a chemical engineering student. It's my 3rd year in college but I hate my major now. I love mathematics, numbers but I love traveling, meeting people and learning new languages too. I want to start a new major but I want to be sure that I will love to work in this field. I don't want to...

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