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Is it a bad thing to switch your major?

I hear people saying how they changed their major in college. Some people make fun of them for not knowing what they want and wasting time and money.

Is it a bad thing to change your major? Or should you just bite the bullet so to speak? #advisor

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2 answers

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Mona’s Answer

Not at all! You should enjoy what you are studying, especially if that is the career you plan to have after graduation. Changing majors is very common and something most students undergo during their time in college. I switched majors around three times, I went from pre-med, to undecided, to psychology. My only recommendation would be is explore as much as you can, I don't advise changing majors late in the game because that can be a financial burden. Join clubs, take classes that you think might interest you, talk to professors, and get to know your friends majors.

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Josh’s Answer

I switched my major three times in college and I am glad I did. Well, I wish I hadn't done it three times, but the fact of the matter is that an area may sound interesting to you at a high level, but once you get into the details you find it isn't what you expected. I would absolutely change majors in such a case. For me, I was lucky to realize early (sophomore year) that I wanted to change AND the changes were not huge. I was changing from math to physics to engineering in my case. Which means that most of the basic courses I had already taken would still count against my new major. If you are considering a bigger change (like from math to poetry) and you have been a math major for a few years, it becomes harder to switch and not impact your graduation date and wallet since you need to meet the requirements of your new major. You do need to take those things into account when deciding whether to switch or not. But if you really feel you are in the wrong major and feel you now have a much better idea of what would be the right major, I would try to make the change.