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I am thinking of pursuing a degree in finance but don't know if I should. The business world is very competitive and I'm not sure if I am cut out for the environment and hustle. I am thinking I want a career as a Personal Financial Advisor, if anyone in the career or something similar to the career could help me it would be a great help! #finance #advisor

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3 answers

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Carlos’s Answer

Terrie - I agree with Sonali Agrawal. However, a few things to note:
1) Finance as a major/academic focus is very limited versus the real world of Finance, which has multiple avenues (e.g. personal finance, corporate finance, government/non-profit finance, etc.). Not all Finance jobs are the sensationalized Wolf of Wall Street environments or investment banking. Indeed you may not think you're cut out for a certain type of Finance (not in anyway encouraging you to discount your abilities, going along with your concern for realism), but you may very well be a perfect match for other types of Finance.
2) And to Sonali's point, when you say 'Personal Financial Advisor' your success, salary and even [job] security depend on your clientele and the size of your book (book referring to the portfolio of clients who have invested money into your account per the firm). When you read between the lines, these jobs are less Finance and more sales. Not to call out any firms' names, but you'll see what I'm talking about as you do your research.

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Sonali’s Answer

Personal Financial advisor is a good choice. As an advisor, most of the time, your salary will depend on your performance and achievement of targets/goals.

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Gerard’s Answer

The financial industry does have its struggles but also has many opportunities to succeed. You must study and embrace financial knowledge. Your profession will be to share what you know and make financial decisions for people who trust you with a percentage of their net worth. Scary at first, however, you must be confident in what you do.