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Bailey L. Mar 10, 2016 534 views

How much preparation is involved when managing someone's investments?

I'd love to learn more about the work that goes into the account management for an investment manager. What exactly does that prep work entail? How many accounts do you manage at one time? #finance #financial-services #investment-management...


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Terrie B. May 20, 2016 679 views

Carrer Choices

I am thinking of pursuing a degree in finance but don't know if I should. The business world is very competitive and I'm not sure if I am cut out for the environment and hustle. I am thinking I want a career as a Personal Financial Advisor, if anyone in the career or something similar to the...

#advisor #finance

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Amina D. Jun 24, 2016 513 views

Would like to be self-employed but want to know how this process works?

I was wondering if anyone here can explain the process of self-employment. How does this work and as a college student, what should I be doing now to get to that level? I am an Astronomy/Physics major since these are the topics I love the most, so how can I be able to ensure I become...

#growing-jobs #jobs #self-employed #finance

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Kiara S. May 28, 2018 444 views

Can I ask for more financial aid?

I received no financial aid due to my mother's income, but I live in a boom-and-bust economy so the income on the 2017 tax report is over $30,000 over her income this year. Can I challenge the financial aid judgement to earn more $$$ #financial-aid #money #finance #scholarships #fafsa...