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Career Questions tagged Continuing Education

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 12, 2018 570 views

Is it worth continuing school after a high school education?

Many people say they can start working right out of high school. I want to know if its worth continuing your education and taking it one step further. Many also say that you go into more debt than what you'll end up making with the further education. is that true? #college-advice...

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Mar 26, 2018 712 views

What is the best way to stay up to date on advances in veterinary sciences?

As a current pre-vet college student, I understand that keeping current is vital in order to be a successful veterinarian. As veterinary medicine is ever changing, what is the most efficient and meaningful way to learn, adapt, and utilize new advancements in everyday practice?...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 22, 2017 1979 views

Continuing Education credits as an undergraduate?

I am currently a sophomore psychology major. I also am a student affiliate of the American Psychological Association. Each year, my membership comes with 5 free CE credits. They center around some interesting articles, so I'm certainly not going to let them go to waste. I do wonder, however,...