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Julian R.’s Avatar
Julian R. Nov 09, 2019 33 views

How do you know that you want to become a civil engineer?

#engineering. I am 15 years old and civil engineering seems great but I’m unsettled about...

Kenneth F.’s Avatar
Kenneth F. Jan 24, 2018 108 views

Which dorm at UNCC is best for freshmen?

Need to Pick...


John C.’s Avatar
John C. Mar 16, 2018 210 views
Kenneth F.’s Avatar
Kenneth F. Jan 24, 2018 185 views

How much time does marching band require.

Considering joining....


Anh N.’s Avatar
Anh N. Oct 29, 2016 399 views

What courses do I need for aerospace engineering?

I'm currently a high school junior. I want to know the courses I need for an aerospace engineering degree....


Anh N.’s Avatar
Anh N. Oct 29, 2016 746 views

Is it hard to find an aerospace engineering job?

I want to set a better goal for my future. #engineering #aerospace-engineering...


Massimo P.’s Avatar
Massimo P. Sep 28, 2017 391 views

What can I do with a degree in international business?

#international #business #management I can't decide on whether I want to go into management or...

Deondra P.’s Avatar
Deondra P. Aug 31, 2017 207 views

How do I know if I'm choosing the right major?

What if I have a passion for multiple things? #buddism...


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