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Would like to be self-employed but want to know how this process works?

I was wondering if anyone here can explain the process of self-employment. How does this work and as a college student, what should I be doing now to get to that level? I am an Astronomy/Physics major since these are the topics I love the most, so how can I be able to ensure I become self-employed with a field in the sciences? #finance #jobs #self-employed #growing-jobs

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3 answers

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Paul A’s Answer

Hi Amina. Having been self employed, self unemployed (no money coming in and bills to be pail) and an employee, I feel qualified to answer your question. To be self employed it is imperative that you have a product or service to market that the marketplace (a niche) sees as useful or valuable to them. The more proprietary (you own the rights or you offer a service that is unique and you are professionally certified, trained or competent to deliver usually the more you can charge for it. I have 20+ skill set's (sales, sales manager, sales trainer, facilitator, Public Speaker, a skilled communicator, DISC expert, as examples) and an experienced and open minded - mind set. I would google Astronomy/Physics and see what comes up. See what companies are leaders in your areas of interest. What new innovations are forth coming, explore company websites. Read trade journals, explore you tube for speakers on topics that interest you. Who are your roles models or desired role models, read the articles or journals or books. What are the backgrounds of current innovators in your areas of interest? Read or listen to as much of their stuff as you can find. Write to them! The Best n your explorations! Paul

Thank you sir.... Yuvan Sankar K.

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frank’s Answer

Hi Amina:

Now is a good time to think about these questions. The first thing to do is to learn about yourself including strengths, weaknesses, passions, skills, and what makes you happy. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that choose to do something they are passionate about and have special skills and knowledge. These are the attributes that will make them successful.

I strongly recommend that you first gain experience working for a company in the field you are interested in. You can do this on an intern or part-time basis while you are in school and then find a full-time job for a company like this when you graduate. Make it a point to spend time in the career advisory office at your school to research companies and learn about all the different career paths within your chosen field. This will help you to land a good job at a company that is in your chosen field. After gaining experience with one or more companies in your field you will be in an excellent position to start your own business providing a service or product that the market wants and needs.

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Gerard’s Answer

Your enthusiasm to be self employed means you must be a goal setter and have a passion for what you want. A recommendation would be to intern for someone that has the same passion for what you want to do. Starting out everyone will make mistakes. Why not learn from someone else's mistakes, since they typically mean lost income.

Whether it's a product, idea, or skill set that sets you apart from everyone, follow your passion. But the best recommendation would be to get a foundation first before going out on your own.