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Amina D. Jul 08, 2016 464 views

Grad school vs. undergrad

Hello! Can anyone comment on the differences between undergrad and grad school? I am interested in astronomy/physics and was wondering how the classes differ, how teachers teach, etc. Any advice is appreciated. #graduate-school #physics #undergraduate #astronomy...


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Amina D. Jul 01, 2016 408 views

When to start looking for a high paying job?

Should I start after- or during college? I am a little confused as to how the process works....


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Amina D. Jun 30, 2016 844 views

DIfference between BA and BS degrees?

I am an astronomy/physics major and am currently pursuing a BS degree. I would like to ultimately work in a scientific discipline and/or for the government, and was wondering if a BS degree makes a big difference from a BA? What kind of job would a BA physics degree candidate be able to have?...

#government-jobs #university #degrees #jobs #physics

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Amina D. Jun 24, 2016 859 views

How do people ensure themselves a financially stable future? How can I as well?

For example, I was always confused how people automatically move out of their parents' house and start supporting themselves right after receiving a job. When someone starts working, I always feel that it may be too early to start finding a home since a person wouldn't have too much money to...

#support #houses #employment #jobs #finance

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Amina D. Jun 24, 2016 434 views

Would like to be self-employed but want to know how this process works?

I was wondering if anyone here can explain the process of self-employment. How does this work and as a college student, what should I be doing now to get to that level? I am an Astronomy/Physics major since these are the topics I love the most, so how can I be able to ensure I become...

#growing-jobs #jobs #finance #self-employed

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Amina D. Jun 23, 2016 384 views

How is the working environment in academia like?

For example, becoming a professor at university or working with a research team at a lab. Scientific research is something that I am really interested in, but is it a flexible position? Can I also do something in industry as well?...


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Amina D. Jun 14, 2016 662 views

What would be the most efficient way to make money in a short time period?

If you are a struggling student and need some cash in your pocket, what options do I have? #student...