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Casper, Wyoming
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I want to work in Finances at an International Hotel



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Kiara Aug 16, 2018 732 views

What are the most competitive Finance Internships in America?

I would like to start applying to internships but I want to make it worth my while. Which internships will stand out on a CV or lead to a potential job in Finance?

#internships #jobs #resume #finance #competitive

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Kiara Aug 16, 2018 811 views

Is a Double Major worth it?

My main major is International Business, but I am looking at my out of state tuition (WOW) and questioning if I should drop my second major due to the extra credits it requires. French Studies would likely help my career, but will future employers actually care if I have a double major?...

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Kiara Aug 16, 2018 879 views

How can I make college worth it?

For a Finance Major:
Which clubs are worth taking?
Should I start internships right away?
Is it smart to graduate in 3 years?

#college #finance #internships #scholarships #honorscollege

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Kiara May 28, 2018 1099 views

Summer Break what to do?

I'm not quite sure how to spend my summer break and want to get ahead. So what should I do? Read? Study? Online-courses? #summer #preparing #summer-internship #volunteering #summer-programs

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Kiara May 28, 2018 1021 views

Can I ask for more financial aid?

I received no financial aid due to my mother's income, but I live in a boom-and-bust economy so the income on the 2017 tax report is over $30,000 over her income this year. Can I challenge the financial aid judgement to earn more $$$ #financial-aid #money #finance #scholarships #fafsa ?