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Career Questions tagged Student Activities

Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Jan 17, 2018 624 views

How do I get information on different programs and clubs outside of school?

Recently, I have learned about different programs that are offered to students in my community, that I have never heard of before, until now. With this realization, I'd like to know how to be able to get informed if there are other programs or clubs that I'd be able to participate in. Not only...

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Jennifer R.’s Avatar
Jennifer R. Jan 16, 2018 534 views


When transferring, do colleges and universities look favorably when you belong to multiple organizations or clubs or it is less important for a transfer student. college-transfer college-admissions college...


Margaret C.’s Avatar
Margaret C. Jan 23, 2018 424 views

How do I know if a university is too academically challenging for me?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm trying to decide what college to attend. I would like to double major in psychology and a foreign language, as well as participate in activities like sailing, equestrian, and dancing. I'm worried it might be too much. How can I get a feel for a particular...

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Darelyanel M.’s Avatar
Darelyanel M. May 24, 2016 916 views

Should I join a club in college?

In college, I also plan to work and study. How much time does a club take up?, and would I have the time for one? college work club...


Courtney B.’s Avatar
Courtney B. May 10, 2016 1826 views

Do companies care about extracurricular activities job candidates participated in in college?

I was just wondering how important college extracurricular activities are when companies are hiring. Some students only have time to participate in one or two activities, if even that many, but some participate in multiple activities. college resume hiring extracurriculars job-interview...