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Josh Simons

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Abigail May 12, 2016 1981 views

How do engineers help the world in a way only they can?

Engineering seems to be a very big field, so I guess this question could be answered in different ways depending on the type of engineer. I think I would generally like to know how you, given your field in engineering, think about what changes people like you make in our world. Also I would...

Muneeb ’s Avatar
Muneeb Jun 15, 2016 1347 views

I have a deep interest in wildlife photography but i am afraid if I could make up to becoming a good photographer, since my parents are insisting me to join in Engineering. I need a solid explanation to convince them to allow me to pursue photography.Help

I am an 7th grade student and i am confused with the career choices ahead. #engineering #photography #technical-design

Julia’s Avatar
Julia May 18, 2016 1151 views

Is it better to work from home or from a workplace

Is it better for a graphic designer specifically to work freelancing from home or AT a business, for a business? What are the pros and cons to both? I know this is the career field I want to enter, but I'm not sure what the best way to go about it is. Thanks! #design #graphics

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian May 17, 2016 1119 views

whats the best job in IT

Because IT is a booming industry and has good money in it. #information-technology #it

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rishi Jul 09, 2016 1298 views

what basics i should learn to become a good programmer?

for future learning #computer-software #information-technology

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah May 19, 2016 1008 views

Is it a bad thing to switch your major?

I hear people saying how they changed their major in college. Some people make fun of them for not knowing what they want and wasting time and money.

Is it a bad thing to change your major? Or should you just bite the bullet so to speak? #advisor

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana May 19, 2016 1255 views

Physics or engineering?

I have been accepted to a four year college for Physics but am thinking about switching my major to engineering since there are more job opportunities as an engineer. Is this a good course of action or should I stick with what I'm passionate about - Physics? #engineer #physics