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Abigail May 12, 2016 1256 views

What is something that you've learned as a engineer that you didn't learn in school?

Hi! I am Abigail, and a high school sophomore. I am looking into colleges that I can apply to, to major in engineering, because I think that is what I would like to be in the future. Although school teaches you a lot, there are some things best learned through experience. I'm wondering what are...

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Abigail May 12, 2016 1981 views

How do engineers help the world in a way only they can?

Engineering seems to be a very big field, so I guess this question could be answered in different ways depending on the type of engineer. I think I would generally like to know how you, given your field in engineering, think about what changes people like you make in our world. Also I would...

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Abigail May 12, 2016 1097 views

How has being an engineer improved you as a person?

Hey guys! This question really interest me, especially because I might also become an engineer in the future. I love how it helps others, but I want to see how this career could help me personally. Careers can go beyond just providing a paycheck of course, and I know there are tons of...

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Abigail May 12, 2016 4402 views

Why is being creative important for engineers?

Hey everyone! I am a current high school sophomore and I am considering becoming an engineer. I'm considering civil engineering, software engineering and nuclear engineering. I have a STEM club at my school, and this is something we were going to talk about in one of our meetings, but our time...