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How are people in the medical field treated in the military?

I was thinking to be a military physical therapist because they help pay off your student debt and I know that's is something all PTs hate about their job.
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3 answers

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Michael’s Answer

This is a very interesting question.
I served as a Hospitalcorpsman in the US Navy and Naval Reserve. Unwillingly I was assigned to the US Marines. As such I have joined a unique group of service person, field medical service technicians. I was known as one of the "doc" for the Marines. That title stayed with me throughout my military career, 4 years of active duty and 25 years of reserve time, 24 of which was with the 4th Marines. Over this period, I was accepted as a special "marine", We had lights so that we could continue treating injured marines when there was a power-outage in camp. I had a gas-truck by my aid station so that my ambulance would always have fuel and ready to roll when needed.
As a chief, I considered my duty to train junior "corps person" to keep up with the highest standards that my fellow field medical service technicians earned, to take care of the Marines.
I am not the only one who enjoy this status, ask any Marine about their "doc".
Back in the Navy, a hospitalcorpsman is just a sailor.
Have I answered your question?

Yes, it did, Thanks! Maria E.

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Marisa’s Answer

I am a Physical Therapy Technician in the Air Force. PT is a pretty small career field, whether you are a DPT or a PTA. When I go to work I feel as though it’s not even work, since I love it so much. I can only speak for the Air Force but the medical field seems to be sought after. Medical in the military is an extremely important mission that without it, no other job could complete their mission. Also, I would make sure you do your research about schooling and student debt before joining, so you can make sure the pathway you choose in the military is the best for you. You’d be surprised how many different choices you have. So talk to recruiters, go online and do your own research, and really be open to different perspectives.

Thanks for answering! Follow up question: Does the military help you pay off your schooling debt? Maria E.

Yes, joining the military will provide assistance with student loans. From my knowledge there are different types of programs for each branch. Marisa Onofrio

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Brian’s Answer

Hi Maria,

In my experience the different jobs are not treated differently. At least in the Marine Corps everyone is trained to be respectful and professional so that's pretty much how you are treated. Unless you mess something up and your boss yells at you.