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Kristen P. Apr 09, 2018 373 views

How often do they hire new forensic scientist?

I want to know how many they hire to know if I actually might have a chance to be hired in the future. forensic forensics police law-enforcement science csi...


Katherine T.’s Avatar
Katherine T. Apr 28, 2018 349 views

Is there a large market for biochemists?

I'm planning on majoring in biochemistry and I want to know about what I'll experience after college. biochemistry...


Ty S.’s Avatar
Ty S. Aug 19, 2018 386 views

Is there another major that is easy to finish while doing the premed track and a biology major?

I am interested in pursuing a biology major while finishing a premed track in college. I am just wondering if there is another major that people think are similar or have similar requirements as these other requirements that would be manageable to accomplish too. major choosing-a-major...

biology double-major majors

Briana F.’s Avatar
Briana F. Oct 13, 2018 284 views

How to be successful in med school?

I am a high school senior and I plan on studying exercise science then going to med school. What are some classes that would help me pass the MCAT and be more successful in med school?...


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Vernon J. Jun 16, 2019 735 views
M A.’s Avatar
M A. Jun 18, 2019 311 views

Is neuroscience a required major in labor market?

Where do I work when I graduate ? And how about the job chances in that field? I hope you answer my question and thank you communication college psychology neuroscience biology...


victor P.’s Avatar
victor P. Aug 30, 2019 180 views

Military training for auto tec how is it?

How is it and how long does it takes for training for to be a mechanic in the army?...


Shruti N.’s Avatar
Shruti N. Oct 14, 2019 212 views

What I have to learn to become a neuroscientist

Now I am learning BSc science...


Shawn W.’s Avatar
Shawn W. Apr 17, 2020 192 views

Would you recommend a career in Urology?

I’m considering going into medicine, but I don’t know what specialty is right for me. I would like a career where I can tackle important problems and make people’s lives better. What do you guys think? Would this be the right specialty? I’m trying to figure out which one is right for me....

career-choice healthcare science medicine