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Is there another major that is easy to finish while doing the premed track and a biology major?

I am interested in pursuing a biology major while finishing a premed track in college. I am just wondering if there is another major that people think are similar or have similar requirements as these other requirements that would be manageable to accomplish too. #major #choosing-a-major #double-major #majors #biology #biology

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3 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Ty! The answers sound great! You can be any major and apply to medical school as long as you take the requirements needed. It definitely is important to do well and pick a major you enjoy. There are students who were non-traditional majors such as History or English as premed who are in medical school; I was a Psychology major myself and I would get some weird looks or ask questions about how that would coincide with my future career goals of being a physician. However, medicine is diversity and being a different major is not a negative thing that could be look down upon; medical schools don't judge too much, if at all, on your major, more so who you are and what you did as an undergrad in terms of academic and extracurriculars. You want to express that you sincerely care about being a physician and show it through helping others and doing well academically. If you can talk passionately about your major then that's all that really matters; many students believed that you must be a Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry major and while all these are wonderful they shouldn't limit you. I absolutely loved my hard science classes, and even minored in Chemistry but I was really interested in Psychology and am so grateful that I picked that as my major.

In terms of double majoring however, it can be difficult because as a premed you have plenty on your plate to do well in classes, MCAT and get experience outside of academics, such as volunteering and shadowing, along with research if possible. You could minor as well if a different subject or topic interests you, and this can give you diversity as well that could help you in your future career goals. I hope this has helped, keep working hard!

Best of luck!

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Vicki’s Answer

When considering a attending medical school, be sure to go to the website of each medical school you'd like to attend to see their Undergraduate course requirements. Do keep in mind that they typically want young candidates with a high Undergraduate GPA, like a 3.75 or higher, and high scores on the MCAT (medical college admissions test). You do NOT have to have an Undergraduate degree in science. Many students have other degrees to keep a high GPA. Then they take the additional Undergraduate courses required by the medical school. Good medical schools post the GPA, major, and undergrad degree of the latest students accepted.

It is advisable to pick an undergraduate degree that you love, because medical school is extremely competitive; so just in case you do not get accepted, you have a degree in a career that you can pursue and be happy.

You can also study for the MCAT early in your freshman and sophomore years in college to ensure you will make a good score.

Khan Academy has a wonderful, FREE review.


There may also be medical school preparatory programs at your university or in your state that help prepare qualified students for medical school. 

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Michael’s Answer

Listen to Vicki, she has provided you with the steps you need to take to start.

One of majors that you would benefit is Biochemistry. You will find that useful when preparing for the MCAT.