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Vicki Watts

College and Career Counselor at East Central ISD
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
San Antonio, Texas
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Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Aug 16, 2018 603 views

What Science Major Should I Explore For Pathology

#Future #Pathologist #Major

Kaylyn’s Avatar
Kaylyn Aug 14, 2018 693 views

How do I become a anesthesiologist ?

I wish to become an anesthesiologist and I’m not sure what the best path for me to achieve that would be ? What should I major in ? #college-major #anesthesiologist

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Aug 24, 2018 970 views

Scholarships for undocumented students?

without DACA

Carina’s Avatar
Carina Mar 19, 2018 668 views

When choosing a major what is a piece of advice I should taking into consideration?

I need help narrowing down my options of majors. #major #choosing-a-major

Nga’s Avatar
Nga Aug 19, 2018 557 views

Which major is most beneficial towards becoming an Anesthesiologist?


Ty’s Avatar
Ty Aug 19, 2018 733 views

Is there another major that is easy to finish while doing the premed track and a biology major?

I am interested in pursuing a biology major while finishing a premed track in college. I am just wondering if there is another major that people think are similar or have similar requirements as these other requirements that would be manageable to accomplish too. #major #choosing-a-major...

Veronika’s Avatar
Veronika Aug 29, 2018 497 views

whats atmospheric and oceanic sciences?(and why havent i heard of it before)

#atmosphericandoceanicsciences #major

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Jan 14, 2019 756 views

What colleges are the best for majoring in zoology?

I'm looking to major in zoology and I'm wondering what are my best options for colleges in doing so.

#college #major#zoology

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Aug 30, 2018 525 views

What school can I find a good medical program with different kinds of medical majors?

#college #school

Hermon’s Avatar
Hermon Feb 07, 2019 929 views

what is mathematicians do?


Winfred’s Avatar
Winfred Feb 05, 2019 592 views

what college is best for sports medicine and bio engineering

#medicine #sports-medicine #college