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How busy is a toxicologist

How big is your workload

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Michael’s Answer

There are many aspects to toxicological work and many ways that toxicologists affect our daily lives.
A industry or corporate toxicologist can be most valuable in assessing the material that is used in products for its effect on the body of animals or humans. An environmental toxicologist assesses the material or chemicals effect on the environment and the eco-system. A regulatory toxicologist assesses the material impact on public health and provides input to regulatory bodies.
Most are familiar with forensic toxicology through watching television.
Depending on the discipline that the toxicologist is in, the workload various. There is a lot of studying, reading, and communicating with peers on past, current, and future works to formulate hypothesis from observations. Analysis are done using models and statistics. It is very mentally intensive and challenging. The satisfaction a toxicologist gets is the knowledge that relatively safe products are being produced.