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Yessica Sep 25, 2019 1749 views

Forensic Science Technician Why did you choose this job/career? ▪ What do you do in a typical day? ▪ What education and/or training did you need for this job/career? ▪ How long have you been working in this job/career? ▪ What do you like best about your job/career? ▪ What do you like least about your job/career? ▪ What advice would you give me right now knowing that I am interested in a job/career like yours?

I'm doing a research paper for a class, and I'm really interested in becoming a Forensic Science Technician, and would love to put your response to my questions in my essay. #forensics #forensic #science #forensicsciencetechnician

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Yessica Nov 25, 2018 853 views

What's the most challenging part of being a Forensic Science Technician?

#science #forensics

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Yessica Nov 14, 2018 611 views

When trying to narrow down the career you want, what should you look for and how would you know the career is right for you?

I am in eleventh grade and am not sure what career is right for me I'm exploring and still finding more careers would be right for me. The careers I'm looking into are a doctor, an entrepreneur, and careers in Human services that are in government and public administration.