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Career Questions tagged Choice

Kendyl H.’s Avatar
Kendyl H. Dec 21, 2020 297 views

What are good schools for a veterinary degree?

What schools offer the best training and education for a veterinary career? What schools are accredited that also aren’t difficult to be accepted to? career college veterinarian school work choice medicine medical working...

Wendy R.’s Avatar
Wendy R. May 26, 2016 467 views

Let's say I want to become an environmental engineer and the required degree is a bachelor. Should I go to prestigious school to obtain my bachelors or no?

I am asking this question because I need to know this type of information in order to be successful in college. And it is information needed to be more marketable in the job market. college counselor bachelor advisor...


James H.’s Avatar
James H. Mar 05, 2014 2012 views

How does Going to College Serve a Person today?

Exactly why do we go to college? For the average Joe, Besides having to practically pay their ENTIRE yearly income to attend to college, how does that shiny certificate help you in the future? Exactly how does that separate you from THOUSANDS of OTHER applicants shooting for the same job. To...

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