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What courses should I take or what should I study in college to become a youtuber

Asked Laredo, Texas

Like editing how to transfer videos from a camera to a pc #college

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Noah’s Answer

Updated Quincy, Massachusetts

Hi Sayd,

The YouTube profession has definitely become popular over the past few years! I am an avid YouTube user so I have some knowledge on how people become successful.

First, I want to disclaim that even if you have something to offer to the YouTube community, there is quite possibly someone around the world doing the same thing. I say that because for example, if you are a gamer you would want to stream and make videos. However, there are many others doing the same thing so it is easy to begin but difficult to grow.

Specifically to your editing question, I always see on YouTube videos in descriptions that people are looking for new editors or a thumbnail for the video etc. I think that is great starting exposure to not only be collaborating with someone else but less of a task then editing a huge video.

Like Amit, I recommend taking editing classes, but YouTube is a different type of video content. What I have noticed is it thrives off of the quickness that it has. For example, YouTubers constantly have quick cuts and different angles to keep the viewer engaged. They usually aren't trying to make a lengthy video unless that is what the viewers want.

From your question I am unsure if you want to be strictly an editor, or an editor for yourself and content creator. Regardless, invest in a good camera and computer that can handle all of the footage. Look around YouTube for some small time person looking for an editor and send them a message!

Noah recommends the following next steps:

  • If you want to be a creator: Find your niche, promote yourself, and honestly you have to be very outgoing if you are going to be on camera. People need to be drawn in to you.
  • If you are an editor: Reach out to other YouTube channels, make some videos and learn truely how to edit. It is a hard task but there are many editor groups constantly showing new and better things to improve videos.

Amit’s Answer

Hi Sayd,

If you are passionate about learning how to edit videos and become a youtuber, I would recommend a few things. First, you can research how to edit videos, there are many resources out there that will walk you step by step. Second, I would look into film schools, these film/art schools really focus on directing videos and how to ensure the best shots, leading to the most impact scenes in movies. I would also practice using a personal camera after learning the basics online.

Hello Sayad, I am glad you are considering taking courses and possibly going to college and not just being a videographer on YouTube. Since I have a degree in COMMUNICATIONS, I strongly suggest you take courses in communications, or public relations and even psychology. These courses will help you with content that helps and influences your audience. You can learn technical skills from many different sources but you need to learn not only what to say but how to say it! Best wishes!