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Sayd’s Avatar
Sayd Jun 22, 2019 1990 views

What courses should I take or what should I study in college to become a youtuber

Like editing how to transfer videos from a camera to a pc #college

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Sep 25, 2018 728 views

What steps should I take to find a job after college?

#Indiana #Hammond #PurdueNorthwest #LakeCounty #college #job #job-search

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Sep 26, 2018 1063 views

How do I keep from being overwhelmed when balancing school and my first job?

#job #school #busy #overwhelmed #work #job-search #first-job

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Sep 26, 2018 640 views

How Can I Get More Scholarships With a Mediocre GPA?

Honestly through high school I have been very lazy and it took me until the end of last year to get off my feet. I then got a 3.5 GPA in the last trimester. My cumulative GPA is 2.8 and I still want to go to college and I need financial help. I am paying for college on my own. #financial-help...

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Aug 22, 2018 710 views

College is costly. What are some tips and tricks that will help me stick to a budget? What jobs work best for college students?

I want to double major, so finding time to work more than a part time job will be very difficult. What are some simple ways for me to make and save money? #college-jobs #job-search #help #working

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Aug 22, 2018 680 views

So much to do, so little time. What is it like to double major? Can I choose two unrelated majors, or do they have to be connected?

I have a lot of things that I'm interested in studying, but my top two are theatre and psychology. Crazy, right? Would it be possible for me to do both at the same time? #college #psychology #majors #career #Theatre

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Aug 22, 2018 1153 views

Is it better to do paid internships or just a regular job during university?

I'm looking to go to college in New York City, and that can obviously get really expensive, so I was wondering which job option would be better for both experience and pay. #jobs #job #money #career

Kaven’s Avatar
Kaven May 23, 2018 603 views

How did you manage to work at a job and attend college? What hardships did you face?

I am considering working while in college due to my financial situation, and I would like to hear your experience juggling a job and college. Bonus points if you are/were also a computer science major, since that is my major as well. #jobs #job #college #hardship

Shani’s Avatar
Shani May 23, 2018 706 views

Where are the best places to look for scholarships?


katie’s Avatar
katie May 11, 2018 541 views

Best way to go about getting financial aid

I come from a 1 parent household and my mom makes around $40,000 a year, i have big dreams for college but i know it'll never be achieved if i don't get some serious financial aid. please help #financial-aid

cheyenne’s Avatar
cheyenne May 11, 2018 626 views

Should I take summer courses before I begin my first semester or wait?

I have the opportunity to take summer courses before my first semester of college. I'm wondering if it would be easier to wait until the following summer, or if getting a head start would be better. #summer-courses

Kaitlin’s Avatar
Kaitlin May 11, 2018 510 views

Should I apply for high-level national scholarships?

Some of these national scholarships are worth a lot of money, but are they worth the time and effort? There is only a small chance of getting in, and I am wondering if I should spend my time applying for more scholarships that are worth less rather than one large one. #scholarships...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie May 08, 2018 518 views

How do you prepare for college?

How do you know when you are ready to go to college? #scaredofcollage

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron May 07, 2018 749 views

What sorts of qualities are employers looking for in potential candidates?

When I am applying for jobs, I never know which qualities to flaunt. I try to act very friendly, but I am worried this makes me look unintelligent and soft.

Josie’s Avatar
Josie May 08, 2018 566 views

What do colleges really look for in terms of admitting new students as freshman?

I am asking this because it seems that everyone has their own opinion. Some folks say schools are looking for that all-around student and others proclaim to only want the cream of the crop as far as academics. I will be a freshman in 2019 and I'm still deciding what to shoot for, in terms...