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Career Questions tagged Internationalstudent

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hargun Sep 15, 2021 173 views

Can you work a different job during OPT than what you studied for in College?

OPT Is for international students and we were told it must be related to your area of study but what if I volunteer in my area of study and do another job, can that work out?


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hargun Sep 15, 2021 271 views

Is there a different VISA Process for International students with healthcare related jobs? or do we have to do the lottery system with H1 B also?

I am a nursing student and it doesn't count as a STEM degree so I only have one year of OPT

#healthcare #college #university #internationalstudent #opt

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hargun Sep 15, 2021 265 views

How do I get started when looking for Jobs and what things to look at

Hey, I am an international Nursing student and I need to get a job asap after graduating so i can stay here but i have no clue where to even start looking for jobs or when is a good time to start or what to look for in jobs when I apply. #nursing #job-search #job #internationalstudent...

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malak Dec 06, 2020 393 views

What are some good Universities for international students regarding interior designing? Preferably in Europe or the UK.

I'm an 11th grader doing my AS and A levels now and I wanted some universities for international students that offer good scholarships, preferably in Europe or the UK.
#university #AS #ALEVELS #scholarships #igcse #internationalstudent #interiordesigning

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Effie Jun 12, 2020 842 views

I'm an international student planning to apply to a UK University. Is the expensive tuition fees worth the job prospects?

UK is one of the best study destinations with world class education. However, there is such a high price to pay for both the tuition fees and living cost. Is it a wise decision on my part, now that the UK government allow only a few months to look for jobs? I've seen a lot of people on other...

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Angel May 02, 2019 552 views

Do sociology and classics majors get good jobs with high salaries?

#sociology #vlassic #classics #greek #rome #college #careers #advice #college-major #college #internationalstudent #majors #minors

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Shani May 23, 2018 497 views

Where are the best places to look for scholarships?