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Career Questions tagged Minors

Riya’s Avatar
Riya Jan 10, 2022 388 views

I'm interested in more than one subject and i don't understand what I should choose for my uni course.

Hey! I'm interested in eng lit, psychology, philosophy, films and media, performing arts -dancing and acting, theatre. I'm so torn apart as I'm not able to choose properly. I want to go with my passion but also want to be able to monetize it. Can somebody please guide me? #writing...

Angel’s Avatar
Angel May 02, 2019 609 views

Do sociology and classics majors get good jobs with high salaries?

#sociology #vlassic #classics #greek #rome #college #careers #advice #college-major #college #internationalstudent #majors #minors

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Aug 27, 2018 553 views

A career in outreach programs

I am currently studying architecture and learning (or attempting to) multiple language. I want to one day join an outreach program where I can use these skills to help people (both in USA and international). What are suggestions of steps to take to enter an outreach program professionally? For...

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Aug 27, 2018 819 views

What are some minors that would go well with a Spanish major?

If I were to want to translate for courts, would I have to get any specific minors? #minors #spanish #translator

jazmin’s Avatar
jazmin Aug 19, 2018 525 views

are minors just as beneficial as majors

#majors #minors

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Aug 16, 2018 695 views

What's the best way to decide your Major and Minors in College?

When attending college should your Majors and Minors correspond with each other, or should they be completely different. Also is it best the they are similar and not completely different. #majors #minors

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Aug 03, 2018 867 views

What are some worthwhile minors to pair with communications?

I would like to go into editing, and I am interested in something technical as a minor, potentially applied math or computer sciences. However, I simply have no idea as to whether either will be useful in my field of choice.

#minors #communications #publishing #career #editor #editing

Jeffy’s Avatar
Jeffy Jun 14, 2018 493 views

What are some commonly chosen minors to go with a chemistry major?

Hello, I am an incoming freshman for the fall semester of 2018 and well, this is stressful time. I am trying to figure out what I want to do and how to go about it and all that fun jazz. I really enjoy studying chemistry and so I am probably going to be majoring in it. I would really like some...

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 29, 2018 858 views

Will a minor in Psychology be beneficial for a Nursing student?

#nurse #psychology #minors #nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina May 27, 2018 734 views

How hard is it to have two majors or multiple minors?

I'm someone with vast interests from acting to journalism to government to human rights, but wants to major in marketing.
#psychology #theater #marketing #majors #minors #business #government

Andria’s Avatar
Andria Apr 24, 2018 478 views

Is it better to have two majors or multiple minors/immersions in college?

First of all, I would just like to say that I thought getting accepted into college would be my biggest hurdle during my college transfer process. However, now that acceptance letters have begun to roll in I'm finding that choosing the perfect school that best fits my needs is even harder!...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 19, 2018 616 views

should I do a major and minor?

Specifically, next year I'm applying to NTID, Gallaudet, and Hunter College.
I'm thinking about doing a major and minor. So is it possible for me to do both?
#college #majors #minors #choosing-a-major #college-major #academic-advising

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Apr 19, 2018 609 views

How can I create a minor for myself, while taking aspects from other majors and minors?

I wish to shape my own future, which is why I want to create a minor that is unique to myself and aspirations. #minors #college #college-major #college-minor #design-a-major #custom-major #custom-minor #academic-advising #course-selection

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Apr 08, 2018 698 views

What of my interests would be worth making minors/majors on my planned degree in environmental engineering?

I plan to get a degree in environmental engineering, but I also love biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and non-science-related Spanish. Would it be too difficult, expensive, or otherwise to add any of those as a second major and/or have the remaining be minors? Especially in the case of...

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Mar 14, 2018 1134 views

What would be the best minors to take as an architecture student?

I don't know which classes would put me ahead of other architects, and I have a few interests in minors. If I were to minor in engineering, which type of engineering would be best? #minors #architecture #undergrad #engineering

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jan 18, 2018 751 views

Should I participate in a college curricular band with a possible minor in music or join a club band?

I am definitely going to do marching band, and I know some colleges require curricular band to participate. However, not all of the schools I applied to require this. #band #music #minors