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Career Questions tagged Empowering Women

Tareem M.’s Avatar
Tareem M. Apr 02, 2018 584 views

How do I achieve success in a career in science while being a woman of minority?

I am a high school senior and a Muslim, Indian woman. I want to pave a way for myself to achieve my goals and experience my dreams. How can I take advantage of who I am, a woman of a minority, and still earn a degree in STEM? science minority women-in-stem empowering-women...


Clarissa B.’s Avatar
Clarissa B. Jan 19, 2018 567 views

How do I apply my passion to my career?

I am a marketing major and I hope to have a career in the advertising or social media field. I am very passionate about human rights, equal opportunities, anti-racism, and women's rights. I would like to know how I can apply these types of themes into my career in a way that I can make a...

social-media-marketing marketing-and-advertising social-activism empowering-women human-rights marketing

Garima J.’s Avatar
Garima J. Oct 14, 2017 768 views

How do you deal with people who tell you that you can't do this job/career?

As a women and a person of color how do you handle oppression, discrimination and comments of people/society tell you that don't do this, you can't handle this because of your gender and culture? equal-opportunity cultural-diversity gender-discrimination employment-discrimination...

women-empowerment oppression-in-the-workplace female-empowerment empowering-women

Marie F.’s Avatar
Marie F. Sep 20, 2017 657 views

I would like to work for a non-profit organization. What degree would I need?

I am interested in working with organizations that focus on Rape and Child molestation awareness,out reach, and patient services. I would like to work in the field like going to schools, setting up fund raising events with the public and over all getting the organizations message out there....

cultural-awareness child-welfare women-in-business empowering-women community-outreach public-safety fundraising nonprofit-organization nonprofits nonprofit-management sexual-assault-awareness