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John Arnold

Metrology (Science of Weights and Measures) / Military Career Coach
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Military Specific Occupations
Hampton, Virginia
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Dominik Mar 10, 2021 1251 views

How do you manage your time?

I am a senior in High School and my time management sucks, how do I improve it before I graduate and go to college and get bombarded with even more responsibiliti #high-school #high-school-students es

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Jan 22, 2021 2416 views

Would you recommend going to the military and being a diesel mechanic?

I have been looking into joining the military ever since i was a little kid. I also found a new interest in diesel mechanics in high school. I am still interested in both and was wondering if its a good choice to make. #military # diesel mechanics

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Kashay Mar 01, 2021 499 views

what benefits will you receive by joining the army?

#army #professional

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liah Mar 01, 2021 552 views

What is the best position in the Military?


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Connor Feb 26, 2021 549 views

What can I be doing at 16 to better myself for college or a career?

I am only 16 years old, but I am 2 years off of college and want to start bettering myself so I am not lost when the time comes. #career-advice

Jileddys’s Avatar
Jileddys Feb 26, 2021 777 views

im not sure what career path to go on anymore

i know i'm interested in helping children and maybe running a business or managing one, im just not sure where i would start off or what i would do ?
#managing #business #child #social-worker #confused #jobs #education #teaching

Lizbeth’s Avatar
Lizbeth Feb 26, 2021 1394 views

How does a day in your marketing career look like?

Hello! I am currently a junior in high school and I have a strong interest in the business field and marketing is one that I definitely have aspirations to major in when I get to college. I just wanted to know how your job in marketing looks like in a day and just provide me with information...

Christell’s Avatar
Christell Feb 26, 2021 771 views

is college necessary to be successful?

#college #necessay #facebook

Jaythean’s Avatar
Jaythean Feb 26, 2021 1310 views

What jobs are available to someone interested in the math field?

I am a Junior from KIPP Academy in Lynn Massachusetts and for most of my academic career have found a liking in math, as a result of this interest I was hoping to continue pursuing this at the next level and was hoping to see some examples of jobs that involve math. #mathematics #career-options...

Abdullah’s Avatar
Abdullah Feb 26, 2021 1378 views

How to improve my speaking confidence?

I’m a first generation student in this country. As I’ve started college this year, I’ve been noticing just how eloquent everyone sounds when they speak. From other students to interviewers. I’ve been getting really insecure about the way I speak, someone also recently told me that I speak in a...

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 25, 2021 4447 views

Can you enlist in the army if you had a 504 plan for ADD before the age of 14, but still had it after your 14th birthday?

I want to join the army in a few years but I wasn't sure if this would be disqualifying. If you know more about this topic, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. *Thank you* #army #armyfuture #futurearmygoals #enlisting #armyenlistment #military