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Boston, Massachusetts
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I would like to be an aerospace engineer, or an astrophysicist for NASA, or a space institute.

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Connor Feb 26, 2021 568 views

What are some different careers or majors that I could pursue in Physics or engineering?

I really liked my physics class in high-school, and I am interested in engineering as well, but I am not sure how to move forward in that field. Any suggestions? #physics #engineering #majors #career #college-major

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Connor Feb 26, 2021 368 views

What can I be doing at 16 to better myself for college or a career?

I am only 16 years old, but I am 2 years off of college and want to start bettering myself so I am not lost when the time comes. #career-advice

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Connor Feb 26, 2021 325 views

How would you go about finding a career in science after college?

I am getting close to college, and I am not sure what degrees you even need in a certain field to find a career in the sciences. #career