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im not sure what career path to go on anymore

i know i'm interested in helping children and maybe running a business or managing one, im just not sure where i would start off or what i would do ?
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6 answers

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Ella’s Answer

If you’re in high school, you could get a part time job at a pediatricians office, a day care center, or a youth after school center. You could also volunteer with special olympics or other programs for youth with special needs. This will expose you to children and ways that you could be around children. For college degrees, you could look into child development, education, social work, or speech therapy.

Thankyou so much, this was very helpful and yes I’ve tried to see what places I could volunteer in but most places are not allowing do to COVID-19 Jileddys B.

Do you have to apply for it... Sherylyn N.

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Nishana’s Answer

Consider volunteering at a youth program as a start to see in what aspects you actually enjoy helping/working with kids and what age group holds your particular focus. If you have any Boys and Girls Clubs in your area that would be a great place to start. They often have programs at various age levels for you to participate in at each location. If you are looking to manage a business in childcare see if you can work at a daycare and try to ask questions of the management team that runs the location. Asking questions will get you a long way as you continue to explore your options. Lastly, most schools hire teacher assistants. Look on the website of your local Board of Education to see if postings are available and apply.

Hope this helps!

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Irene’s Answer

Hi Jileddys,

I noticed your comment to Ella's answer that you haven't been able to find places to volunteer due to COVID. In this case, perhaps you could reach out to people and ask if they would be willing to do virtual "informational interviews." This means you would ask people questions about their career and experiences. Informational interviews are a great way to get deeper insights about a job that you may not find on the internet. You could reach out to family friends, friends of friends, teachers, or other people you know and ask if they'd be willing to schedule a time to do a phone or video call with you. Since you enjoy helping children, you could look specifically for people whose jobs involve or are related to children. On the other hand, you could possibly broaden your search with regards to running/managing a business: entrepreneurs, small-business owners, senior management executives, and individuals who run side gigs could all provide unique perspectives.

Hope this helps. After opportunities begin to open up again and it's safe to do so, I think Ella's advice to volunteer/shadow/intern is a great idea!

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John’s Answer

I great place to start if you are unsure, would be to take a career aptitude examination. These are tests designed to help folks like you figure out what you want to do. One of the most common and free exams you can take which is offered in many high schools is the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). Taking the test doesn't commit you to joining the military at all. The post test career exploration tool links the test taker with occupational suggestions and powerful research tools. It has both civilian and military jobs you could consider.

When I took my exam I found out that I had potential in the electronics field and now I work in Laboratory doing just that. I think Ella's advice to intern places or job shadow careers once you have a list of things is great advice too.

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Simeon’s Answer

I think doing social work would be one of the better paths to take. It's more likely to be financially viable than working at or managing a daycare center. You could potentially think about teaching as well.

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Jim’s Answer

There are several options to assist with you career search.

A school guidance counselor should have resources to help. That might be the best place to start. You can also take career assessment tests online. The test will ask fifty or one hundred questions regarding your interests and personality. From there it will make career suggestions. onet.com and owlguru.com are great resources. These websites also allow you to search specific careers and will give details on what it's like working in that profession.

Another option might be state funded career assistance programs. For example, here in Pennsylvania we have Career Link. There are career coaches available to offer guidance and assistance to people on the career path.

Good luck to you!