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Wilmar Mar 31, 2021 521 views

Hello everyone, i'm just asking your opinions, because of financial problems, i won't pursue pre-med, my ate can actually, because, she's an civil engineer but she's adult now and it'll take a lot of money, you know, she'll get married before she's 30 and she's 27 already, i'm 14 as of the moment huhu HAHAAHA so now, my plan is, i'll study accountancy, take the board exam and earn money, then i'll pursue med-school hehe, do you agree with that? Hehe thank you po if you're going to answer this, you can suggest also, godbless us all!

#career #dreamer #medicine #accountancy #medicine

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jennel Mar 23, 2021 631 views

What are some steps one can take to chose a career path? I know people always say to do something what you like but through my years at high school I had to cut off everything that I once loved to focus on my studies and because of this I don't have a hobby nor a passion. The only thing I know how to do is study

#need help asap #high-school

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grazielyn Mar 24, 2021 758 views

i'm 16 years old, what job can i get in my age?

#first-job #job-search

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ernie Mar 24, 2021 1949 views

What is the hardest part about investing your money?

I'm a soon-to-be college student and I want to start to plan my financial future. #investment-management #savings #money #investor #money-management

karthik’s Avatar
karthik Mar 07, 2021 1097 views

how to do career in chef

#school how to become a chef

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Simone Mar 11, 2021 805 views

what are the no skill jobs i can apply for ?

introverted, failing life, soon to be a law student #law-school #student

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Wayland Mar 11, 2021 672 views

Based on the career research you did, what would you ask someone about their job?

Are you happy with your job and is it fun? #career

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Kelly Mar 11, 2021 1485 views

What age should I start investing?

I am a student and I am curious about how the stock market works. #career #general #professors #stocks #life #business #invest #finance #success #marketing

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Jileddys Feb 26, 2021 763 views

im not sure what career path to go on anymore

i know i'm interested in helping children and maybe running a business or managing one, im just not sure where i would start off or what i would do ?
#managing #business #child #social-worker #confused #jobs #education #teaching

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Lyca Feb 27, 2021 444 views

What online part-time jobs can I get as a student?

I want to earn for my parents. #student

Deavion’s Avatar
Deavion Feb 22, 2021 439 views

What are some things that I have to accomplish to get my dream career?

Im a person who is ambitious, hard working, and a individual who make sure I accomplish every goal that is in front of me #career

kaitlyn’s Avatar
kaitlyn Feb 19, 2021 1084 views

As a business person, if you could give one piece of advice to your former self, what would it be?

I created a Business Club at my school, and I wanted to ask a few questions. #business

Jamin’s Avatar
Jamin Feb 12, 2021 1049 views

What are some useful study habits?

I have a habit of procrastinating, so currently, I'm working on how I can properly organize my time management. So I just want to know if there's any advice to improve on procrastination and my work ethic. #student

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany Feb 10, 2021 772 views

What is some advice to a new college student who has never lived alone?

I'm about to go off to college and it's very scary to think I'll be in an unfamiliar place all by myself. #college-student #college-bound

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Ethan Feb 09, 2021 779 views

Is it essential for you to go to culinary school of you want to become a baker?

Obviously it would help if I was to go, but I want to know how much experience you would get in culinary school for this type of field. #food #baking