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Career Questions tagged Accountancy

Wilmar’s Avatar
Wilmar Mar 31, 2021 381 views

Hello everyone, i'm just asking your opinions, because of financial problems, i won't pursue pre-med, my ate can actually, because, she's an civil engineer but she's adult now and it'll take a lot of money, you know, she'll get married before she's 30 and she's 27 already, i'm 14 as of the moment huhu HAHAAHA so now, my plan is, i'll study accountancy, take the board exam and earn money, then i'll pursue med-school hehe, do you agree with that? Hehe thank you po if you're going to answer this, you can suggest also, godbless us all!

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Yew Kin’s Avatar
Yew Kin Apr 07, 2020 989 views

How is an auditing career different from what students will learn about in school?

I am an Accountancy & Finance student graduating this May. I was in a short internship in external auditing and it was an experience totally different from what I envisioned while still schooling. Unfortunately my time there was shortened because of Covid 19. Hope to hear more from your...

Avyanna’s Avatar
Avyanna Apr 19, 2019 5607 views

Can I major in accountancy and go to med school?

I chose accountancy because it's indemand but i know time will come, sooner or later my heart will find it's way to medicine because I really want to be a surgeon. Help me what to do if I graduate in bs accountancy and decided to go to med school after . Thank you for ur answer #premed #doctor...