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Can I major in accountancy and go to med school?

Asked Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

I chose accountancy because it's indemand but i know time will come, sooner or later my heart will find it's way to medicine because I really want to be a surgeon. Help me what to do if I graduate in bs accountancy and decided to go to med school after . Thank you for ur answer #premed #doctor #medicine #medical #healthcare #help #medschool #accountancy

2 answers

Hsin’s Answer

Updated Burlingame, California

Hi Avyanna,

Yes, it is definitely possible. It will require more work though. You will need to look at the requirements for admission into medical school, which will usually be math, chemistry and biology classes. For example, see https://meded.hms.harvard.edu/admissions-prerequisite-courses for the Harvard Medical School class requirements. Since many of these science classes will not be required for your accountancy degree, you would be taking on classwork that would be in addition to the work required for your accountancy degree.

I took the opposite path you are looking at, where I started with an unrelated major but ended up doing accountancy as a career. I had to take additional courses to get into accountancy after I had finished the major, so getting into a new career field is possible as long as you build yourself a strong foundation.

Best of luck,


Hsin recommends the following next steps:

  • Look into admission requirements for a few medical schools.
  • See which classes for your major overlap with the admission requirements for medical school.
  • Keep up a good grades.

Jake’s Answer

Updated Temple Terrace, Florida

Both accounting and medical school have a lot of specific requirement you need to meet in order to obtain an accounting degree or get into medical school. The fields don't have much in common so you'll essentially looking at a lot of classes to meet both requirements. In addition to accounting, you'll need a major in the science field, like biology, So bottom line, it's doable but it will be time consuming and expensive.

I started off in Engineering and then switched to accounting. Other than general college courses I had to start over when switching to accounting.

Jake recommends the following next steps:

  • Start taking courses in each field and see what you like better. You may quickly realize that one career path is more align with your interest/passions.